Writing an English Literature Essay cannot be easier with our detailed guide

How to Structure an English Literature Essay Correctly. There are different types of essay, they all have pretty similar structure, but still there is a slight difference you have to take into consideration. It may be hard to structure your essay correctly so in this article, you will find out about step-by-step guide through this process. We’ve chosen to show you ho to structure an English Literature Essay. Let’s start our ride on basic rules.

Come up with the topic

The first thing you should do is to come up with the topic. Choose some specific aspects you would like to write about. Sometimes teachers provide you with the topic, if they don’t it’s up to you. Write something bold, something eye-catching.  Be both the writer and the reader and you’ ll be able to produce the decent writing.

Introduction part

This is your first part, in the introduction you have to frame the project. Start with the ‘hook’ it may be some quote or interesting fact to grab reader’s attention.

Then present the names of the text, author and dates when the work was published or performed.

Give short explanation of text’s plot, so the reader can understand your essay. It is hard to review when you have no idea what the text is about.  Important thing is to mention about the relevance of the work, and why it is worthy to write about.

Be clear, don’t use long sentences, don’t overwhelm your reader. Represent yourself as a person with a critical voice.

An opening paragraph is very important as it defines your attitude towards the work you describe.


This is the part where you outline your argument. It has to be your response to the title question. Use it as your own interpretation of the question. Be creative, reveal your critical abilities and engagement with the text. In this section you have to give the reader the short summary of what you intend to write about in your essay.

Main body paragraphs

This is the biggest part, where you have to express everything you have on the topic. Every paragraph should have its strong point which should be supported by evidence. You’ll seem more confident with the evidence you’ve explored in relation with the thesis.

Here is a perfect outline which can be used to each paragraph in the main body.

  • Point- start with the point you intend to write about.
  • Evidence – Take some quote, or write short explanation of some fact from the text, something that supports your idea.
  • Exploration of an idea and the evidence- this is very important part, where you should combine your point and textual evidence in order to prove your argument.
  • Referring to the thesis statement- show that the thesis statement has been successfully argued and supported by the evidence.


This is the final section, make a conclusion by summarizing the main point from your essay. Write why text is successful work of literature.

This short guide can help you to write a significant English literature essay. But, you can use writing help if there are still some concerns. There is also a good opportunity for you to find another student or writer to cooperate with.

Good luck with your essay.