Persuasive Essay Format

Your job as a writer is to sell your ideas to your reader. That means that you have to be persuasive to a tee and make the reader want to “buy” your ideas lock, stock and barrel. This is not always an easy task but there are some ways that are useful in reaching your goal. All it takes is a little research on your part and a willingness to incorporate suggestions into your final narrative. A persuasive essay format consists of a few basic parts that are essential to selling your “written” product.

All essays should consist of three basic parts: an introduction containing the context and a thesis statement, the body containing concrete details and a conclusion restating the original ideas. Your job when introducing your subject is to immediately catch the reader’s attention and make them want to continue on with their reading. The introduction should also include the main points of the essay in a condensed form. Your thesis statement should be strong and contain reliable information. The body of your essay should be at least two paragraphs long. Each paragraph should contain a clear topic sentence and should include concrete details about reference sources. All concrete ideas should be followed and supported by concrete details. Your conclusion should summarize and restate your thesis statement and contain information that will persuade your reader that what you have written has been worthwhile.

When using a persuasive essay format it’s important to remember to incorporate transitions into your writing. You should use vocabulary that is understandable to a wide audience and vary the structure of your sentences. Make your voice heard and edit, edit, edit so there are no grammatical errors contained in your essay. Be logical when presenting your ideas and try to draw in your audience by using catchy phrases.

You really need to know how to persuade in order to effectively write a persuasive essay. You need to be a good salesperson and really believe in what you are writing. Explore and develop your arguments in an interesting and enticing way. Use your persuasive techniques to draw the reader in and want to come over to your side. Be skillful and grab the reader’s interest by your choice of words. Don’t change paths in the middle of the stream and avoid changes in your key arguments. Make the reader really believe your words by being consistent and logical throughout your essay.

Choose a persuasive essay format that immediately grabs the reader’s attention. Be a well-informed author who presents ideas that reach out to the reader. Collect as much preliminary information as possible before you began writing. Believe what you write in so that your reader will believe also. Be a successful salesperson by using gentle persuasion in your writings.