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Sometimes the hardest part of writing a good essay is coming up with essay topics. Essay topics are something that seems to give every writer a hard time. Sometimes when given an assignment by one of my instructors I would hear other students chattering amongst themselves about what topic they were going to write about. Some would know right off which essay topics they were going to write about, while others would be clueless.


I would see students nervously flipping through the pages of their textbooks looking for the perfect essay topics to write about, and noticed the look of disappointment on the face of some when they couldn’t find the right one for them. I developed this site to help those students who may be having trouble coming up with something to write about. Finding the perfect essay topic doesn’t have to be as hard as some students make it.  All it takes is a little bit of brainstorming and students will be able to come up with a perfect essay topic in no time. I think the thing that gives most students trouble when brainstorming which essay topics they might want to write about is the fact that an essay is an assignment that must be turned in to the instructor and the student will be graded on it. Some students are afraid that if they choose an essay topic that the instructor will not like and they will get a poor grade. Well, fret no more is here to save the day!

Good Essay Topics

Good essay topics are not hard to come up with. All it takes is a little bit of thinking on the part of the student. Sometimes good essay topics will just pop right into one’s head if they think about it hard enough, and sometimes good essay topics will pop into a student’s head when they are doing something totally different. Here at we will help you discover the good essay topics that are lying beneath the surface waiting to be discovered. By looking at the lists we have compiled of good essay topics a student should be able to find something to write about in just a few seconds!

College Example Essays

We have put a few college example essays here for students to get a good look at what college essays should look like. Sometimes students look at the college example essays and an idea for a good essay develops in their minds. It is our hope that by looking at the college example essays page students will see how essays are laid out and be able to use their own style to write a good essay. At we have a lot of experience writing different kinds of assignments and our writing style is reflected on our college example essays page. All of the essays posted to the college example essays page have received an A although they are not perfect. There are a few mistakes in each one, but they were left unedited on purpose to show students that their essays do not have to be perfect to get an A on them. I am sure that by looking at the college example essays students will develop their own style of writing before they know it.