Candide Essay Topics

Voltaire is the author of Candide and there are many ways to incorporate your interpretations of his ideas into your Candide essay topics. His writing contains many themes which you can expand upon when writing your dissertation. You can be as informative as you want and express your thoughts and opinions as they surface. Just remember to remain focused on the task at hand and write your thoughts as candidly as possible. Just be yourself in your writings.

Briefly, Candide is a literary work that focuses on human nature and it’s interaction with religion and state. As a reader of Voltaire’s work, you will be given an in-depth insight into controversial points of view. Voltaire is a very real writer and minces no words in his descriptive interpretation of events. He looks at integrity in religion and the volatile relationship between church and state. He doesn’t care if he is politically correct and uses humor to enhance his thoughts. The book is controversial because it looks at religion under a microscope and sometimes pokes fun at its idiosyncrasies.

You are free to be as open and supportive as you like when exploring Voltaire’s work. You can agree to disagree with his statements and nothing is impossible in your thesis. Go ahead and analyze away but just make sure that you fully understand what Voltaire is presenting. Any plots or themes should be looked at with an open mind. Be as descriptive as possible and present your ideas realistically. You can write an excellent essay if you simply take your time and completely evaluate your ideas before putting them on paper.

There are a variety of Candide essay topics to choose from. You are well-advised to peruse any tips that are available online before beginning the process of writing your essay. Following are examples of topics you might want to consider.

• Voltaire’s view on the Enlightenment period in which you could look at freedom and individuality.

• The novel’s view on irony and how Voltaire uses humor to enhance his work.

• Candide’s presentation of women and how they sometimes are victims of circumstance and their environment.

• How organized religion plays a role in the book.

• How the characters relate to evil in Voltaire’s work.

You have an excellent opportunity to be creative in your writing. Take the time to read Voltaire’s Candide and then use your imagination to come up with some Candide essay topics or use one of those suggested above. Either way, you can have fun writing your thoughts down on paper. You can even mimic Voltaire and use some humor in your essay. All it takes is to become involved in the story and then look at how you perceive the events as they occur. Then, start writing!