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Essay Topics For Free

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a good essay is coming up with essay topics. Essay topics are something that seems to give every writer a hard time. Sometimes when given an assignment by one of my instructors I would hear other students chattering amongst themselves about what topic they were going to write about. Some would know right off which essay topics they were going to write about, while others would be clueless. I would see students nervously flipping through the pages of their textbooks looking for the perfect essay topics to write about, and noticed the look of disappointment on the face of some when they couldn’t find the right one for them. I developed this site to help those students who may be having trouble coming up with something to write about. Finding the perfect essay topic doesn’t have to be as hard as some students make it.  All it takes is a little bit of brainstorming and students will be able to come up with a perfect essay topic in no time. I think the thing that gives most students trouble when brainstorming which essay topics they might want to write about is the fact that an essay is an assignment that must be turned in to the instructor and the student will be graded on it. Some students are afraid that if they choose an essay topic that the instructor will not like and they will get a poor grade. Well, fret no more is here to save the day!

Good Essay Topics

Good essay topics are not hard to come up with. All it takes is a little bit of thinking on the part of the student. Sometimes good essay topics will just pop right into one’s head if they think about it hard enough, and sometimes good essay topics will pop into a student’s head when they are doing something totally different. Here at we will help you discover the good essay topics that are lying beneath the surface waiting to be discovered. By looking at the lists we have compiled of good essay topics a student should be able to find something to write about in just a few seconds!

College Example Essays

We have put a few college example essays here for students to get a good look at what college essays should look like. Sometimes students look at the college example essays and an idea for a good essay develops in their minds. It is our hope that by looking at the college example essays page students will see how essays are laid out and be able to use their own style to write a good essay. At we have a lot of experience writing different kinds of assignments and our writing style is reflected on our college example essays page. All of the essays posted to the college example essays page have received an A although they are not perfect. There are a few mistakes in each one, but they were left unedited on purpose to show students that their essays do not have to be perfect to get an A on them. I am sure that by looking at the college example essays students will develop their own style of writing before they know it.

Essay Topics

You are about to become an expert on essay topics and all you have to do is read this essay! There is tons of information available on how to write informative personal essays and all you need to do is come up with an appropriate topic and format for your narrative. The world is full of information just waiting to be discussed on paper. You only need the tools to do the job right and tweak your reader’s interest. Once he sees how intelligent you are and how you have taken the steps to organize your essay, you will be on your way to having a satisfied customer!

Writing your own personal essay is a way to use conversational tone, dialogues, settings and character review. Focus on yourself and try to put your personality into the essay by communicating directly with your reader. Your ideas and personal interests are the key ingredients of a successful personal essay. Let your reader become intimately familiar with your ideas by disclosing yourself completely and being honest with your thoughts. A personal evaluation is important because you must sell yourself fully to anyone who takes the time to read your essay. Be positive and use humor if at all possible to make your reader want to continue on.

Give your essay everything you’ve got and don’t be afraid to reveal yourself to your reader. Know your likes and dislikes and disclose them appropriately. Make sure that your essay contains truthful information and be confident in your writing. Your ideas are important and do not need to be hidden or glossed over.

Choose an essay topic that gets your reader’s attention quickly and hints at the “drift” of your essay. When writing a personal essay think of how your life has evolved and what about it might interest potential readers. Topics that might be of interest are:
• A life-altering experience that you’ve had
• How a grandparent has influenced you life
• Your career and the path you are taking to reach you goals
• A specific skill or talent that you might have
• Why you are who you are
• The type of friends to you migrate towards
• Your dreams and ambitions
• Something you want to do or see before you die

There is no limit to what you can write about yourself. Look closely at who you are and decide what attributes or goals might interest others as well. Only you know the intimate and challenging details of your own life and who better than you to put this information into a few paragraphs. Personal essay topics are unlimited and all you need to do is think about who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Candide Essay Topics

Voltaire is the author of Candide and there are many ways to incorporate your interpretations of his ideas into your Candide essay topics. His writing contains many themes which you can expand upon when writing your dissertation. You can be as informative as you want and express your thoughts and opinions as they surface. Just remember to remain focused on the task at hand and write your thoughts as candidly as possible. Just be yourself in your writings.

Briefly, Candide is a literary work that focuses on human nature and it’s interaction with religion and state. As a reader of Voltaire’s work, you will be given an in-depth insight into controversial points of view. Voltaire is a very real writer and minces no words in his descriptive interpretation of events. He looks at integrity in religion and the volatile relationship between church and state. He doesn’t care if he is politically correct and uses humor to enhance his thoughts. The book is controversial because it looks at religion under a microscope and sometimes pokes fun at its idiosyncrasies.

You are free to be as open and supportive as you like when exploring Voltaire’s work. You can agree to disagree with his statements and nothing is impossible in your thesis. Go ahead and analyze away but just make sure that you fully understand what Voltaire is presenting. Any plots or themes should be looked at with an open mind. Be as descriptive as possible and present your ideas realistically. You can write an excellent essay if you simply take your time and completely evaluate your ideas before putting them on paper.

There are a variety of Candide essay topics to choose from. You are well-advised to peruse any tips that are available online before beginning the process of writing your essay. Following are examples of topics you might want to consider.

• Voltaire’s view on the Enlightenment period in which you could look at freedom and individuality.

• The novel’s view on irony and how Voltaire uses humor to enhance his work.

• Candide’s presentation of women and how they sometimes are victims of circumstance and their environment.

• How organized religion plays a role in the book.

• How the characters relate to evil in Voltaire’s work.

You have an excellent opportunity to be creative in your writing. Take the time to read Voltaire’s Candide and then use your imagination to come up with some Candide essay topics or use one of those suggested above. Either way, you can have fun writing your thoughts down on paper. You can even mimic Voltaire and use some humor in your essay. All it takes is to become involved in the story and then look at how you perceive the events as they occur. Then, start writing!

Persuasive Essay Format

Your job as a writer is to sell your ideas to your reader. That means that you have to be persuasive to a tee and make the reader want to “buy” your ideas lock, stock and barrel. This is not always an easy task but there are some ways that are useful in reaching your goal. All it takes is a little research on your part and a willingness to incorporate suggestions into your final narrative. A persuasive essay format consists of a few basic parts that are essential to selling your “written” product.

All essays should consist of three basic parts: an introduction containing the context and a thesis statement, the body containing concrete details and a conclusion restating the original ideas. Your job when introducing your subject is to immediately catch the reader’s attention and make them want to continue on with their reading. The introduction should also include the main points of the essay in a condensed form. Your thesis statement should be strong and contain reliable information. The body of your essay should be at least two paragraphs long. Each paragraph should contain a clear topic sentence and should include concrete details about reference sources. All concrete ideas should be followed and supported by concrete details. Your conclusion should summarize and restate your thesis statement and contain information that will persuade your reader that what you have written has been worthwhile.

When using a persuasive essay format it’s important to remember to incorporate transitions into your writing. You should use vocabulary that is understandable to a wide audience and vary the structure of your sentences. Make your voice heard and edit, edit, edit so there are no grammatical errors contained in your essay. Be logical when presenting your ideas and try to draw in your audience by using catchy phrases.

You really need to know how to persuade in order to effectively write a persuasive essay. You need to be a good salesperson and really believe in what you are writing. Explore and develop your arguments in an interesting and enticing way. Use your persuasive techniques to draw the reader in and want to come over to your side. Be skillful and grab the reader’s interest by your choice of words. Don’t change paths in the middle of the stream and avoid changes in your key arguments. Make the reader really believe your words by being consistent and logical throughout your essay.

Choose a persuasive essay format that immediately grabs the reader’s attention. Be a well-informed author who presents ideas that reach out to the reader. Collect as much preliminary information as possible before you began writing. Believe what you write in so that your reader will believe also. Be a successful salesperson by using gentle persuasion in your writings.